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      PVC--Sheet >> PVC Rigid Sheet  
    The extrusive PVC rigid sheet of the company has very high quality. And the color of the PVC rigid sheet is gray or white; however we are able to produce brightly colored and beautiful colorized PVC sheet.
    Thickness: 1mm-12mm    max width:1540mm
    Thickness:12mm-25mm   max width:1300mm
    Length: Depends on the needs of  clients.
    Performance and Feature:
    The product  is manufactured in accordance with the GB/T13520-1992 Quality Standard.
    1.anti- corrosion  ,high strength ,  fade resistantfire-proof,
    2. the surface is clean, neat,water-proof, constant  form, apt to process etc. advantage.
    3. is widely adopted in chemical engineering, petroleum, electroplate, water decontamination
    equipments,environmental protection equipments, and advertisements decoratation etc. industry .

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